K Home

K Home is a two-bedroom apartment at 1000 square feet with an amazing sea view on the south side and a lush mountain view on the north.  The design emphasizes on expanding the north-south view corridor with minimal obstruction to visually connect the sea side and the mountain side.  In response to such uplifting scenery, curved ceilings and rounded corners are used as echoes of the sea waves and cloud whirls.To resolve the impractical non-orthogonal space posed by the existing layout, a creative design solution is implemented with a curved fur-out wall where a shoe cabinet, storages, and a dining bench are built into. The dynamic and creative layout also allowed maximum daylight exposure to each room as well as improved air circulation for natural ventilation to create a cooler indoor climate and to reduce overall energy costs.K Home has won Silver Award from Hong Kong Design Awards 2023 for Residential Interior Design.

Location: Hong Kong

Year: 2022

Status: Built

Team: Sanny Ng, Iris Lee, Liyu Xue, Marvin Cheung