Chiatta Trapezio - Barge City in Milan

Being one of the first canals in Europe,  the Navigli Canal had a significant role in the development of Milan. Unfortunately, the Navigli Canal was buried underground when trains and automobiles started to take over in the 1950s.  In order to set forth a successful example of restoring and reactivating the canal as part of Milan’s thriving urban fabrics, stimulus Barges in trapezoidal shapes are developed to host-specific functions for program strains like GREEN, PLAY, and ART. These barges can travel along the canal, float on water, settle on land, or anchor along the canal banks.  Not only do they serve specific purposes individually, but they can also be connected into numerous configurations that support different events throughout the year.  The design intent is not only to restore the canal to its former glory but also to give it a new identity in celebrating Milan’s world-renown leading status in design, art, and food cultures with a sustainable and ecological approach.The project is shortlisted for the Milan Navigli Canal Challenge.

Location: Milan

Year: 2022

Status: Competition

Team: Sanny Ng, Liyu Xue, Iris Lee, Marvin Cheung